Trip Letters

Welcome to one of our many travel programs. In addition to the many exciting on camp activities your child will experience this summer, he/she will also be attending several off-camp trips!

We hope this information will help you understand how the trips work as well as answer all of your questions regarding the program. Tab through the sections below to learn more.

Should you have any questions at any time please contact us in the office.

Thank You

Looking forward to an amazing summer 2021!


Howard Feinstein

Trip Letters

Please see our calendar page Calendars – Kenwal Day Camp

Inters (entering 4th grade after the summer) will attend approximately 6 trips this summer. Super Seniors (entering 5th & 6th grade after the summer) will attend approximately two off camp trips per week. Teens (entering 7th & 8th grade after the summer) approximately three trips per week. Cit’s (entering 9th & 10th grade after the summer) approximately four trips per week. When leaving the grounds, the campers will be chaperoned by their regular counselors and their Group Leader. In addition, one of our directors will attend these trips to make sure all goes smoothly. Contact between the chaperone and the office is maintained by cell phone.

If your child normally brings lunch to camp he/she will do so on trip day as well. Kenwal will provide drinks. If your child is enrolled in our hot/cold programs, we will provide lunch/drink  on that day as well.

Transportation to local events will be provided by our drivers (the same ones that drive the campers to and from camp in the am and pm). If the campers are traveling someplace other than local trips (examples: Splish Splash, Country Fair, NY Mets Game, etc…) we will be using chartered air conditioned buses.

Some of your child’s trips will arrive back at camp in time for them to go home on their regular 4pm bus. (Dave and Busters, Boomers, Captree Fishing Excursion…)  However, several of these trips will run into the evening hours (Splish Splash, NY Mets, Broadway Shows). On these occasions, check out our Calendar page and click on the late night trip: A letter will pop up with all the information regarding the trip.

All pick ups and drop offs will be at a predetermined location to be announced.

On late night trips returning after 7pm, Kenwal Day Camp will provide dinner for all.

While cell phones are prohibited from camp, they will be allowed on late night trips.

Please have your child wear his/her camp shirt on all scheduled trips.

If your child chooses not to go on a scheduled day trip, there are no alternative activities scheduled for them at camp. He/she  will not attend camp on that day.

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